Thursday, 19 January 2012

New Chinese lanterns developed to extinguish fire safety fears

In response to safety fears over the fire risks posed by Chinese lanterns, Sky Orbs the firm behind the first wire-free, 100% biodegradable sky lanterns, has developed eco-friendly sky lanterns with a patented in-built fireguard.

Available from February, the innovative design is protected by global patent and also features a non-drip fuel cell and fireproof string and paper, making Sky Orbs Safety Sky Lanterns (from £2.99) the safest on the market.

The fireproof silica blanket sits underneath the fuel cell, creating a protective barrier to minimise fire risks in the event of the lantern returning to the earth whilst ignited. Completely non-combustible, the mechanism envelops and raises the fuel cell above the ground allowing the non-drip fuel cell to harmlessly burn out.

Wire free and constructed from flameproof, eco-friendly materials, Sky Orbs’ new generation of lanterns are wildlife friendly and feature an innovative non-drip fuel cell which has a controlled burn time to create a beautiful spectacle before burning out and floating gently back to the ground.

Says Sky Orbs’ founder, Chris Burton: “We wanted to enable the public to enjoy Chinese lanterns without any nagging safety fears. There has been a lot of negative publicity recently, and low quality, budget Chinese lanterns just don’t have the safety features that offer peace of mind. Although the risks of an ignited lantern returning to earth are small – for example in the event of windy conditions causing the balloon to collapse, our new Chinese lanterns address these issues, which combined with sensible deployment mean that Sky Orbs’ lanterns can be enjoyed safely."

Sky Orbs safety lanterns cost £2.99 each for plain white and coloured designs. Personalised, printed and novelty designs cost from £3.29. To buy online visit

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